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Clear and robust procedures which are simple to read, understand and follow

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We can help you manage your year end stock-takes by providing you with clear procedures tailored to your business systems and needs. We can undertake:

 Development and Documentation

 Staff Training

 Built in performance measures

 Agreement with auditors

Procedure Definition

We can work with you to define procedures that suit your business and satisfy your Auditors. These will take account of the way in which you:

 Prepare for the stocktake

 Conduct the count and enter data

 Analyse and check variances

 Post adjustments

 Resume normal operations.


Having defined the procedures, we will document these in a user friendly format.

We employ a range of documentation methods including:

 Structured flowcharts

 Annotated screen prints for detailed instructions

 Quick reference guides for use during the count

 Standard templates, e.g. control chart, count sheets, variance reports, etc..


We can train your management and count team in the procedure.

Too often procedures are not adhered to because the operators fail to understand the implication of their actions.

We will ensure that the operators understand both the procedures and the need for those procedures.