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Typical hand-held data capture device. We also provide PDAs with Microsoft operating system

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For organisations with existing systems we can provide fast and effective methods of data capture and stock count updates:

 Hand held devices eliminating the problems associated with handwritten counts being re-keyed

 Pre-update variance and valuation reports

 Interfaces to established systems for updates and postings

 Full suite of stock reports to suit your business requirements


Data Capture

We can provide you with hand held data collection devices to enable fast and accurate data collection at the stock location.

Typical stocktakes involve writing count results down by hand at the stock location, and then re-keying these results at a desk bound data entry terminal. This provides opportunities for error, i.e.:

 Handwriting may be unclear

(5/S, H/M, I/1, Z/2 )

 Results may be mis-read during data entry

 Results may be omitted or entered twice at data entry

 Results may be mis-aligned during entry (qty A entered against product B)


Point of Entry Data Validation

To further improve accuracy and speed the count process, we can provide point of entry data validation. This is particularly useful if you need to add items to a location during the count process.

Product codes and stock locations can be validated against system stock data allowing the counter to check the data before leaving the count location.


Variance Reporting & Analysis.

Because data is captured electronically, variance reports can be produced as soon as the physical count is complete. This allows immediate investigation of variance, and checking of count entries.

We have developed a comprehensive range of reports including:

 Location accuracy

 Product accuracy

 Product group accuracy

 Trend analysis (across stocktakes)


Bar coding

To further improve the accuracy and speed of data collection, we can help you to bar-code your products and locations, allowing rapid data capture during the count process.