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Inventory is at the heart of any organization whether it is a make-to-order, make-to-stock or assemble-to-order environment. Accurate stock records are essential for control, directly impacting customer service levels. Overstock produces high carrying costs, lack of warehouse space and potential high scrap and obsolescence costs.

ISL can help you to resolve your inventory control issues, define your optimum stock profile and identify the stock implications on planning and forecasting.


We at ISL are well experienced in helping companies to fully manage their stock to control costs, increase day to control and provide high levels of service to their customer base. To achieve this we work with our clients in the following areas:


 Stock profiling to ensure agreed customer services levels with an optimum stock holding level


 For certain companies, the identification of strategic work in process stock levels to reduce leadtimes to customer whist maintaining flexibility


 Development & introduction of inventory management processes and procedures


  Interactive warehousing


 Stock accuracy improvements programmes


 Stock reduction programmes


We can assist your company in the above areas to provide real and lasting business benefits.

Improvements in inventory accuracy, reduction in inventory levels and increased customer service levels

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