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Our full stocktake service is a comprehensive offering that allows you to fully outsource your stock-take activity. Year end and periodic stock-takes and cycle counting and PI are all accommodated. We provide :

 Experienced Management

 Trained and Motivated count teams or individuals for cycle counting / PI

 Documented and approved procedures

 Fast and accurate data collection

 Built in accuracy checking to ensure integrity of results

 Comprehensive reporting and analysis

 Auditor liaison


The Process

We have developed a detailed, professional and robust process for the complete stocktaking activity. These procedures are fully documented and all our staff are fully trained. They provided a detailed and clear definition of the stocktake process to satisfy auditors.



The Preparation

Many stocktakes fail from the outset. It is

absolutely vital that preparation activities

are carried out, e.g.:

 Status of open orders (sales and works) are accounted for within the stocktake activity

 Housekeeping activities are complete

(i.e. stock put away in correct locations, products & locations labelled, stock accessible)

 Physical receipts and despatches have been logged via the system

We provide guidance, and if required assistance, to ensure that these activities are carried out ready for stock take.


The Stocktake

Our trained and motivated staff will carry out the physical count and record the result directly into hand held computers ready for transfer to your system. This ensures:

 Fast turn-a-round

 Minimum disruption

Control sheets are used throughout to manage the process.


Count Validation


Elimination of secondary data entry ensures variance reports are available immediately for validation of count results and investigation of discrepancies

The Result

A comprehensive and detailed report pack for retention and presentation to Auditors, containing:

 Count statistics

 Stock take parameters

 Count procedures

 Completed control charts

 Summary and detailed value and variance reports